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Christmas Without Cruelty 2008

The Vegan Bodybuilding & Vegan Fitness crew bringing information (& protein bars) to the fayre

The day got off to a bad start with a train delay of over half an hour!  But eventually we were off to the ever popular CWC fayre & our (now traditional) push-up contest.  This year we had a twist as we had the mighty Vegan Fitness crew along with their tasty protein bars to offer the hungry vegan athletes that come along to the fayre to enter the contest.

It was busy, busy, busy from the moment we set-up & after this brief second to cram in a quick photo we were all busy offering advice, selling bars or running over for more tea & nibbles :-)

Maz, as usual, did a grand job of sorting out some amazing prizes for the contest & a special thanks has to go to all the stalls who gave us gifts for the contest as it made the contest a real great event & everyone who entered got a prize, so they'll all go away with fond memories of the event.

On the Yaoh stall downstairs (who donated both hemp protein & hemp oil to the contest), the first edition of the new magazine "Off the Hoof" was on sale, & with both Maz & myself writing in it, it was quite exciting for us getting reactions from people at the show, to see what they thought of the revolutionary magazine (get your copy here).

After a very busy day it was time for the highlight of the day.  Last year, as some of you might remember, there was some controversy about the final result, as decided by Coach Gary.  So this year he felt he had something to prove as a judge & promised judging stricter than ever before!

So without further waffling I'll get straight on with the contests


First up came the ladies.

This year we had a very strong line-up & it was decided that they do full push-ups.  Coach Gary was off to a strict start!

In the excitement I have forgotten who's who in the photos, but I'm sure you'll all recognise yourselves!

Kathleen Bright 11 reps

Martina Bristow 11 reps

Hana Bristow 18 reps

Kate Garratt 17 reps

Sophia P Howard 6 reps

Marta Zienter 11 reps

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The Males:

This year we were all wondering could anyone offer a challenge to the push-up machine that is Dave Arnold?  After watching the women, we wondered if Coach Gary's tighter judging could play a factor in the final result, would we see someone snatch Dave's crown as "King of the push-up"?

Bartosz Brzozovski 49 reps

Chris Hearn 36 reps

Matt Woodman 36 reps (done with only 1 arm due to an injury!)

Daren Ashmere 26 reps

Peter Simpson 27 reps

Mike Ros 39 reps

James Southwood 31 reps

Ken 21 reps

& Finally defending champion Dave Arnold 81 reps

Hopefully I got everyone's names right for the men (as I knew quite a few I felt more confident putting the names to the faces).  It was amazing to see Matt knocking out well over 30 1 arm push-ups & maybe next year he'll be a real challenge to Dave?  But with the results over here's the winners...

The winners

Hana Bristow with 18 reps (& taking the Lush Christmas parcel of smelly goodies)

Dave Arnold with 81 reps (choosing the Yaoh hemp protein-so he'll get even stronger next year!)

As you'll note this years repetitions were down on last year.  I think this reflects the stricter judging used by Coach Gary & I think it's something the competitors appreciated as they knew everyone was having to work just as hard as them for each rep.

As I said EVERYONE who entered received a prize, whether it was a Yaoh protein powder, a Lush Christmas parcel, Animal Aid Fleece, Hunt Sab wallet (yes they are still hunting illegally out there & the sabs are often the only thing between a fox getting away or being torn to bits) other any of the other wonderful people who donated prizes for the event.

Finally I'd like to thank Mary & the rest of the Animal Aid for taking the time to put together the fayre & letting us run the contest. check them out & give them your money :-)

Animal Aid

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