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Would you like to really push your motivation through the roof? Then why not think of taking part in the 'Work in progress' project. You're not expected to be a giant or lift a bus. Just have the motivation to train, & update your photos now & again. Just add a bit about your training, diet & a couple of pictures (whether in training, posing or even just on the beach or in the park). The site is open to any vegan athlete who trains while eating a vegan diet, whether bodybuilder, powerlifter, Olympic lifter, strongman (or woman) contestant or even just weight training for fun & fitness. The idea is not to be a super man (or woman!), but to better yourself. Remember the contest is against yourself, not anyone else, so give it a go! For details E-mail

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WIP of the Year 2006 winners

Denise (Denise has since started to compete & so has been moved to the main page here)


WIP of the Year 2005 winners



WIP of the year is all about improvement. We are not looking for the best, but the "most improved" over the year. In 2005 Crystal & JP set themselves goals & achieved or surpassed them, worked hard for the full year & really deserved something for all their hard work. In 2006 both Denise & Tom made major improvements as they moved towards their goals. This year it could be YOU getting the coveted WIP of the Year trophy. So, whether your aim is to lift that big deadlift, get shredded for a bodybuilding contest, lose those extra pounds you put on last year, or just get an extra bit of muscle, here's the place to get all the motivation you need! To enter you just need to e-mail us ( ) with a picture or 2, a bit about your training, diet & goals, then update as often as you like. The contest winners will be announced at this years Christmas without cruelty in London. Remember, it's the MOST IMPROVED, not the best, so anyone can win if they're determined to work hard!

Good luck & happy training!

Participants so far....


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David Good

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