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7 Week Powerlifting Routine...

Core work...


Tyler displays the results of his bending skills

7 Week Powerlifting Routine

7 week powerlifting routine. Numbers are week sets x reps x percentage of one rep max

1 5x5x70
2 4x3x75 4x2x85
3 3x4x75 6x4x80
4 4x3x75 3x2x90
5 3x4x75 6x4x80
6 2x3x75 2x2x95
7 one rep max test

7 weeks, based on percentage of 1 rep max No failure, no partial reps or forced reps On week 6 and 7, no other assistance work


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Bench 155lb. 1 rep max
1 5x5x125
2 4x3x115 4x2x130
3 3x4x115 6x4x125
4 4x3x115 3x2x140
5 3x4x115 6x4x125
6 2x3x115 2x2x150
7 one rep max test

row or pullups
bicep work


Squat 200lb. 1 rep max
1 5x5x140
2 4x3x150 4x2x170
3 3x4x150 6x4x160
4 4x3x150 3x2x180
5 3x4x150 6x4x160
6 2x3x150 2x2x190
7 one rep max test

overhead press
tricep work - narrow grip 5x5, dips


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Deadlift 315lb. 1 rep max
1 5x5x220
2 4x3x235 4x2x270
3 3x4x235 6x4x250
4 4x3x235 3x2x285
5 3x4x235 6x4x250
6 2x3x235 2x2x285
7 one rep max test

Core work

I also do grip training and bending, which occur 2 to 3 times a week depending on how my hands and wrists feel. I am about a half inch from closing the CoC #2 which I just received. Bending is somewhat new to me at this point, and workouts typically start with some warmup bends with a few lengths of 3/16" round stock steel, varying from 6" down to 5" in length. I have also started bending 6" timber ties and some 1/4" bolts of varying lengths. I do sledge levering, assorted grip training including using a weighted pinch block, wrist roller, and have just recently received a 3" thick dumbbell handle which I have yet to play with.

In addition to this, I take a martial arts class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for an hour each class. I learn Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat. My weightlifting is focused on gaining strength to help me progress in martial arts.

Goals this year are to bench my bodyweight, as my bench is really bad, to continue to raise my squat and deadlift numbers, and to continue with my martial arts training. Short term I will close the Captains of Crush #2 gripper then probably start on the #3, though closing grippers isn't as enjoyable as bending.. I will continue bending steel, my current goal to be able to bend 60d nails.

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I eat very frequently through the day, I just started eating a big bowl of oatmeal and a banana for breakfast, which is delicious and filling. I also have fruit smoothies or protein shakes, often with fresh ground flax seed, lots of fruit and either rice, soy or hemp protein, glutamine peptides, and creatine if I am taking it at the time. I eat lots of beans, whole grain pasta and rice, tofu, sprouted grain bread, cereal, hummus, raw nuts and seeds, etc. I avoid white pasta and white rice when possible. Basically I eat whenever I feel like it, and do not worry to much about carrying around a little bit of extra fat, as I am trying to gain weight still.

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