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Tom - Update November 2006

What Have I been up to...

My squat still is not going anywhere but check out my current stats...

Old Goals achieved in bold black unachieved in red...

New goals...

New Regime...

What have I been up to?

I took a couple of months out earlier in the year due to a motivational crisis! Not that it matters now :) I am 106kg, I have spent the past 6 months training five times a week.  My new motto is “Everything with Finesse” as I train at lunch time with some intensity,  my workout for most first 4 months looked liked this:

1Bench + lat pull
2Abbs, obliques, Back, Traps,
3 Traps, abductors + adductors plus random lifts (OFF DAY)
4Bench +lat pull
5Abbs, obliques, Back, Traps,

My neck is knacked (old injury) and I am in pain raw squatting, but I started using a cushion and it has been fine for the past 2 months:

1Bench + lat pull
3Abbs, obliques, Traps, optional if i can be assed abductors + adductor's
4Bench +lat pull

My squat still is not going anywhere but check out my current stats:

Body Weight 104.8kg - Squat 90 - Bench 102.5 - DL155 347.5

My bench has shot up 17.5kG in 5months, I am actually hoping for 110KG this Wednesday!

Old Goals achieved in bold black unachieved in red:

80KG Push press
130KG Squat

95KG Bench
100KG Body weight:

I didn't train for push press and I have only been squatting again for 2 months, these goal where achievable though.

New Goals
Pound for pound I am very weak right now, so I am going to focus on becoming stronger pound for pound, whilst being a body builder at the same time :P

6% Body fat
Half Marathon
Look awesome(er) :)

New regime:

This is my new cutting and maintenance regime:
Monday: Stationary bike - reduced calorie day
Tuesday: Maintenance-Bench,chins,abs ,obliques+back-Normal calorie day
Wednesday: Stationary bike - reduced calorie day
Thursday: Stationary bike - reduced calorie day
Friday: Maintenance-Bench,chins,abbs ,obliques+back-Normal calorie day
Sat: Low calorie Day
Sun: Low calorie Day

Watch this space, expect some physique shot in the new year.  I just need to focus on my body fat.

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