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Tom - Update July 2005


New Physique photos...

Training Pictures...

Reflections on Progress...

New Regime...


Short term...

Long term...


Update June 2006...

What have I been up to...

Current Stats...

Reflections on progress...

New Regime...




Above is me loving my self too much on holiday! My abdominals are more obvious now, I need only hold a good posture to reveal them. This is not me completely flexing them.  After many months of training (since March) I have managed to drop a lot more body fat, I have not yet achieved my low body fat goal, I have reached a weight loss plateau as it is becoming harder to shed pounds without losing to much muscle mass.

The HOEVF Karate display went well, I am looking forward to seeing the video. Many people said they enjoyed it: I was less than content with my performance though as I lost balance on the slippery floor a few times; but I think I managed to pull it off without anyone noticing. Watch this space for a link to the video.

Here some new physique pictures:

My biceps and deltoids are look bigger now even though I have lost some mass.

Greater definition on my back.

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After some people hassled me for some leg shots I have decided to show of my calves, my quads have little definition at the moment; so I will put up some pictures on my next update

This is a raw picture of how I am looking, this picture was taken earlier than the others, I am not carrying as much fat on my abs at the moment.

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Training Pictures

Above: 130 KG DL at Vegan Fitness week Manchester 2005, not bad 10KG less than my PB.

Above 80KG bench press: new PB, JP of spotting, I previously failed on another attempt.

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Reflections on progress

Here are some dirty photos of my physique in September of 03, I am ashmed of these photos and do not wish you all to see them; but I hope my personal progress will help motivate you all out there.

No definition on back

Breasts, belly and handles.

I am happy with my progress in 23 months of training but I have not achieved all I am capable of, I have had a hard time training smart and studying at UNI, my training has suffered.

I am now de-stressed and still excited about making new progress.

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New Regime

After reading more into volume of training my body is capable of taking, I am now adding high rep workouts into my current regime, Topher (Hero) and Matt (Tarz) of have both achieved good bodies through straight volume training, but I feel my body is more geared for high resistance so I am not prepared to drop my PL style workout.

Hopefully during next years Vegan Fitness week I will be to shamelessly parade around topless like our good friend Topher AKA Hero.


Short Term

1. 100KG Bench by the end of 2005!
2. Improve squat: My squat sucks at the moment
3. Re-Develop Traps; I have lost some mass due to dieting

Long Term

1. 6% Body Fat
2. 200KG DL by July 2006 if not sooner.

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Update June 2006

What I have been up to?

This update is very late, I have changed and re-changed my training priorities a few time since my last update,  after my last update I focused on Cardio for a time,  I ran a 10K in Amsterdam with a few other Vegan Runners (see pic above) I achieved a pb of 1H.04M! Not a great time but my best.

Then I focused on weight loss and dropped quite a bit of flab, I gained a much greater definition on my shoulders and abs.

Then I re-changed my focus on sprinting and endurance, hi-rep work, and I achieved some extra mass and faster punching and kicking.

Finally!!! I changed my focus to power and strongman! I attended the first annual (maybe) Vegan Edinburgh strongman event.

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Current Stats

Weight..... Squat...... Bench...... Dead....... Total.......
96kg........ 90kg......   85kg........ 155kg...... 330kg......
Below are a couple of shots from the recent Edinburgh strongman / power lifting event

Reflection on Progress

Well I have put on 13KG of mass since I first put my WIP up, I am also leaner so no doubt this is pure muscle!!!  My squat has suffered because I have not squated in so long, plus my focus on running has destroyed my legs strength.  My Deadlift is up 15KG and my bench 10KG which is a fair gain but still disappointing.  My lack of focus on one aspect of fitness could be argued as a good thing I guess, this as I adopt  holistic approach.  But it eats at the ego being mediocre at everything.

Physique-wise I am at my best right now, I am still carrying excess fat but also lots of muscle, so it kinda balances its self out.  I plan to achieve something good physique-wise before the end of this year i.e. Get leaner.

My goals from my last update were un-achievable! 100KG bench will not happen for some time more and 200KG DL wont happen for some time either.

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New Regime

I am working a new basic routine right now: focused on squating and defeating my stalled bench progress.

Squats 5x5
Optional SLDL depending on how back feels

DB Bench 5x5
Push Press 5x5
Bent over rows
Upright Rows

D3 Optional Day / Rest day (lol)
Vertical Sit ups – Gravity boot and chinning bar
Side bends (sigh)
Forearm pronation to supination

I workout as hard as my body allows i.e. D1 will happen straight after D3 depending on how my body feels.  Sometimes you just need to give the mother some proper motivation.

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As soon as this regime drys up no doubt in about 3months I will focus on cutting again, next WIP update will include some physique progress hopefully


80KG Push press
130KG Squat
95KG Bench
100KG Body weight

All by the end of 2006

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