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 Brighton Summer Vegan Festival 2019


Inverted row contest...

Press-up contest...




broken gazebo

We had set up on a blustery Friday afternoon. Luckily, I was somewhat cautious about putting everything in the gazebo before the event, so the tent was empty when it was blown away and crashed into surrounding tents at some point during the night. Thankfully we were squeezed into the main marquee, but that did mean we could not do the usual weekend event of the pull-up challenge by the stall. Several other tents had disappeared during the night and the remains of our tent was used to save the Hunt Sabs tent that was nearly collapsed by the start of the event.


This was not the best start ever to an event, however the weather improved minute by minute, so although there were the odd strong gusts, the day was generally sunny and everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves.

Despite that dubious start the weekend was lots of fun and we enjoyed the event.


Inverted row contest

Saturday was the day for the inverted row contest and despite the odd sudden blustery moment, the event went really well.

Press-up contest

The Press-up contest was on the Sunday and was lots of fun.


Despite the loss of the gazebo before the festival it still turned out to be loads of fun and we were very glad we had the opportunity to take part in the weekend.


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