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Sabina Skala

Sabina Skala ( - Strength and Conditioning coach, based in London UK, working with pro MMA fighters, BJJ competitors, long distance endurance athletes, male models and military personnel. Sabina has contributed to publications in Mens Fitness, The Guardian, also appeared on Super Human Radio. She was a part of the Plant Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health and Fitness project (the entire profit from this book sales goes directly to the Mercy for Animals charity). 

I was born in Rzeszow, south east Poland. Meat and diary were staples of my nutrition for ages - especially during all the years I competed in kayaking. It wasnt until I was in my 30's that I have changed my nutiriton to completely plant based. My reasons were not as noble as they were for most people turning into vegan nutrition and life-style. I didint do it because I was concerned about animal welfare, I did it, because one of my clients challenged me to do a couple of weeks on purely plant based food. Once I have tried it, I never looked back. I felt amazing and still do after over two and a half years. 

For me it is still only the beginning of the journey. After changing the way I eat, I started reading more and more about factory farming, GMO produce, and animal cruelty. The reality was pretty shocking and made me change in many ways, not only the way I eat, but also what cosmetics as well as general house hold products I buy. I strongly believe that the more information gets to people the more we can change the consumers behavior. I still wear leather shoes and have a couple of leather jackets in my wardrobe which I have purchased ages ago, however the days when I would buy leather clothing are over. In terms of shoes - I am still researching non-leather options, which I could wear in winter, so there is still a room for my personal progress in this aspect. 

My usual day would look like:

coffee blended with coconut butter
Post workout smoothie
Frozen blueberries, banana, vegan protein blend, maca, cinnamon, ginger, frozen spinach, ascorbic acid (pure vit C), water - all blended together (I have learned to put spices in my smoothie from Mike Mahler, cinnamon manages insulin spikes very well, ginger is very good for your gut health)

Lunch - usually a veggie snack like broccoli with alfa alfa sprouts etc

Dinner - 2 x large portobello mushrooms stuffed with lentil pate with salad
handful of spinach, 1/2 avocado, alfa alfa sprouts, bean sprouts, 4 small cherry tomatoes,  small piece of cucumber, red pepper (1/3), 4-5 green olives

Lentil pate - (enough stuffing for 5-6 portobello mushrooms) 
1/2 cup of oats,
1 can of lentils
5-6 pieces of sun dried tomatoes
1 tea spoon of ground cumin
1/2 tea spoon of cayenne pepper

Blend all of the above in a food processor and the stuffing for the mushrooms is ready. 

Bake in the oven for 35 mins @ 195C

Season with sea salt and/or pepper if needed 

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