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Pat in 2011

Here's a report of Pat's contest in her own words:

Qualified for last weekend's BDFPA British Single Championships in Ipswich last November at the West Midland Divisional Championships I organised as Divisional Representative.
A difficult, convoluted and seven-hour journey down last Friday..... a bus, three trains and including both Northern and Circle underground lines, plus a taxi! A very early start on Saturday 19th. I refereed the squat discipline, hastily changed into lifting gear - got my three bench press attempts white-lighted and created at new British M6 record - then speedily changed into referee uniform and continued in this regard for the rest of the day.
Back at weigh-in at 7 am on Sunday 20th - warmed-up, competed first at deadlift - having all my lifts white-lighted and created a new British M6 record. Changed to referee uniform and spent rest of day in this role judging the heavier lifters in this discipline. Finally arrived home in West Midlands around mid-night.
As General Secretary of BDFPA, I am responsible for our 600 plus members and hope to be helping out at our British Unequipped full-power event at Bournemouth University over 19-20th March - just ten days after first of two planned shoulder surgeries - the first on 9th March. The rotator-cuff repair will take place after World event in USA in late June - at which I hope to create a new M6 World record in both bench and dead-lift. This surgery has to be delayed until then as it requires a four-month lay-off.
A great weekend - here's to more of the same. I'm beginning to think Pete is correct when he says it's now just the bone spurs and scar tissue that likely 'hold me together'!
Whatever is allowing me to lift - I'm extremely grateful! - Best wishes, Pat

You should bear in mind that Pat was just pre-operation & still set records.  The woman is a lifting machine!  Unfortunately, she didn't have any pictures or videos of the lifts. We'll have to try & make sure we get some stills & videos of her events later in the & certainly her adventures in the US!  Looking forward to some new records off of you later in 2011 Pat!!!!
Oh yea