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Pat in 2009


Pat started the year in style Competing in the BDFPA she moved one step closer to her goal.  The contest took place in Coventry on 25 January 09.

Pat about to deadlift 90Kg

here's a short update in her own words...

At my near 64 years of age and bodyweight of 50kg, I am expected to produce a total of 150 kg at a qualifying event to secure British invitation. On Sunday, I exceeded that by 2.5 kg, pulling 152.5 overall (squat 30, bench press 32.5 deadlift 90). Since I was so sick on the day, I only really wanted to qualify - not go for a big total. At this event I also qualified for British single event - going for bench and deadlift records in April, then on to Euros and World event in November, immediately ahead of surgery which will likely put me out of lifting during 2110.

We're looking forward to more triumphs by Pat over the 2009 period!

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