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Pat Reeves 2003 British Championship

Pat Reeves attended the 2003 British Powerlifting championships with high hopes, but with a cancerous tumour in her arm causing her considerable pain, she knew she'd have to overcome some obstacles to retain her title.

Having to attend the meet without her coach Pat found that she not only had to keep track of the amounts she needed to lift, but even loading the bar for warm ups without assistance (all things you could do without on competition day).

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Pat had to start really low in the squat, but got a white light for all the lifts . She lifted 45, 50 & 55 Kg

When it got to the bench it was lower than a normal bench, so she was unsure whether she'd need the blocks she puts under her feet. For the first lift she decided to use the blocks, & although she made the lift, she felt the blocks weren't necessary. The second lift again went well, but on the third lift she got one white lights, but two red, so the lift was discounted. Two of the judges felt she had held the bar at the chest for too short a time & so had discounted the lift. Strangely, Pat stated later that she could have held the bar there longer, even with the intense pain from the tumour in her left arm & still pressed it out, but it was a red light & she had to accept the result. Her bench was 32.5 Kg for the first lift & 35 Kg for the second.

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Pat had some difficulty with the deadlift warm-up, but she still went with her planned lifts & got all the lifts 85 Kg, 90 Kg & 95 Kg. She considered going for 100 Kg, but as she needed to consider her health at the moment, she decided to settle for the lighter weight.

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The Result

This gave Pat a total of 185 Kg, which was an improvement on her 2002 total of 177.5 Kg. It also meant she had once again retained her title (she has now had 15 British Powerlifting titles to her name). Pat Reeves is still the Reigning British Powerlifting champion of her class, & looks set to keep the title for a while longer yet!

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