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BDFPA European Single lift competition 2009

The event was British drug-free power-lifting association's participation in the unequipped (no bench shirt, squat suits etc) European Single Lift event, held in Bourbon-Lancy - 350 miles from Paris.

I was the only female representing Great Britain. The event was held over two days - with the squat event held on 15th (I did not participate in that lift) and the bench press - at which I equalled my 'official' world record of 32.5kg - have lifted more before the injury on August 25th, 2008 - but there were not three International referees present on that occasion. 35kg was not to be for me on 15th May. On the following day, l pulled two cracking deadlifts of 90 and 95 - decided against a third attempt owing to two vertebrae that, despite everything, still refuse to heal.

I hold the World record at present bodyweight (48.9kg) of 98.5kg - definitely officiated by three International referees last year - a record I want to increase at one - and maybe both - World events in September (single event) and November (full power); assuming my back will ever heal! This was an excellently run competition - though I had to be there at 6.30 am and did not leave until 9pm on both days!

Two week's later - as a guest at the first German National event in Dusseldorf - I broke my official World bench twice, being urged to go for 33kg as a second attempt - and then secured 35 kg - which is 2.5 kg under an amount I am instructed not to lift until surgery takes place after the world events as it is feared I may suffer a total rupture of left bicep - putting me out of lifting for good.

I have a torn left rotator cuff and a full tear throughout the thickness of left bicep. This has been on-going since 25th August last year - though not fully diagnosed until October.  I repeated my deadlift totals at this event - again refusing the third lift owing to back injury.

I am still training daily, but under my maximums until August - when everything will be geared for World success.

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