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BDFPA British Singles Championships 2010

BDFPA British Single Championships, Horncastle, Lincoln, March 6th and 7th 2010 - my 207th competition!
Retained British bench press title with 32.5 (my WR is 37.5) on 6th, then pulled everything out to raise the British Single Deadlift record on 7th (I already have the Full-power record) by one kilo - this will be my last Master Five competition and I've managed to inch it up to 100kg - a more than double weight lift on the day (b/w 49kg). Gutted that I cannot achieve another World title in Russia next month - but surgery has to happen imminently.

Extremely pleased - I hope this record stands way after l depart planet Earth! That took a lot of mental power to overcome the pain of an extremely damaged shoulder. I was very determined!

Let's hope I can come back to set another five years of Master Six records - my lifting life - and maybe my whole life - is in the hands of my surgeon and his team on Wednesday 17th March.

(Unfortunately there are only pictures from the Deadlift event, not the bench press)