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Oslo Vegetarfestival 2017


In Oslo...

At the festival...

Nathan's talk...


Push up contest...

Females contest...

Males contest...




Wrap up and prizes...



Unusually for us, we did not have a very early start to our adventure as we planned on catching an afternoon flight to Norway and so it was a later than normal start to our adventures. We were soon at the airport and ready to board the plane. Special thanks needs to go to Veganicity who helped us travel to the event, so support them if you need any supplements (use discount code VEGANBODY2017 for 35% off).

The flight took a few hours, but as I don't get to fly much, it was enjoyable.

Upon our arrival we began to get somewhat concerned as we hadn't kept track of the weather and we were not dressed for winter...on the ground was snow!

In Oslo

Once completing the 30 minute rail journey into Oslo we were in town and had to unpack and get ready to enjoy our one free day before the event started.

Nobel peace prize building

Our once free day before the festival we spent checking out a few places and going on a cruise around the fjord.

Opera house

Maybe we should all turn up at the stall painted yellow, in yellow pants
...or maybe not???

It was a fun adventure and luckily everyone could speak English as well.

After the cruise we found somewhere nice to eat. We found amazing food at a Loving hut in Oslo

We also found out about a new place that had just opened up called Nordvegan which we decided to check out on the Sunday evening after the festival (see later).

At the festival

We attended the festival in it's second year and now 4 years later it has grown massively!

There was a church for talks (see Nathan's talk later).

An outside area with gazebos (where most of the food was situated)

An upstairs area for kids and treatments.

A ground floor with stalls...

...and a vegan cafe.

Finally a lower ground floor full of even more stalls!

So, with the crowds starting to get restless waiting to get in.  It was time to start the festival!

Nathan's talk

Nathan Loughton did an amazing lecture at the event.

----We will add the video in here once it is up----

He gave everyone just what they needed to improve their health, fitness and well being.

He filled the auditorium to capacity with people wishing to discover or rediscover the body they want. It was really well received, we had concerns that talking in a foreign language might distort the message, but it went really well.

We also met Nana who soon became a firm favourite with the whole Vegan Bodybuilding crew.


Kine Fossbakk made it to our stall.  Fresh off of her victory at the EPF European Championships, where she lifted:

Squat 217.5Kg (for a Gold Medal)
Bench press 165Kg (for a Gold Medal)
Deadlift 172.5Kg (for a Silver Medal)
Total 555Kg (Silver Medal)

She competed in the +89Kg class in the juniors.

She also helped bring back the European title to the Norwegian Team, so well done to her.

Push-up contest

Next up was the highlight of the festival, the push-up contest.  There was some controversy, as we have come to expect, but it was a good start to what will hopefully become an annual event?

Females contest

Male contest



Joint second place with 50 reps

Also with 50 reps

In second place for the men with 40 reps

Winning female with 60 reps

Winning male with 40 reps

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As usual we need to to spend a second to support our sponsors.  They make sure everyone who enters our contests gets a prize. Plus don't forget that veganicity helped us get to Oslo, so show them some extra-special love!

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Don't forget Maz, buy his book and learn to make "English food" that will fool a meat eater!

As well as our main sponsors here are the people who helped us out on the day

Raske Retter
My treat
Vegan life
Paulig group


So, on the Sunday might we finally made it to Nordvegan. We had an amazing meal and even got to look at the kitchens.

I recommend it if you can get there.

So that was our trip to Norway, we were soon heading back to the UK after a really amazing trip

We will end with a few pictures of contestants getting prizes...

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