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Mr X





I've been weight training for a few years now with the aim of building my body up as much as possible. I feel though, only recently I've started to make some good weight & size gains.

The type of training I do now is a little different from the sort of training i thought I needed to do to get the physique I was after (though i'm quite a way off that yet!)

Here is the routine I've been doing for the past 3 months or so. I'll add first though, that I don't always train my legs first, it could be a pull day instead of legs at the start of the week. And, I pretty much always train alone.

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Day 1. Leg day

Squatting: warm up 1x15 olympic bar
warm up 1x10 60kg
5 sets of 5 reps at 85kg (I used to lift more but I felt I wasn't going far enough down!)
for last set I put some more weight on & do 1x3
Hamstrings: 2x10 1x8
Calves: 1x15 55kg, 1x10 60kg, 1x10 65kg
Decline sit ups: 20kg plate 3x20

Day 2. Push day.

Flat Bench: warm up 1x20 olympic bar
warm up 1x12 60kg
1x7 70kg
3x5 75kg
Incline dumbbells: 1x8 25kg
1x6 27 1/2kg
1x5 27 /12kg
Standing shoulder press: 4x6 45kg
Dips (with head down for chest): 3x10, 1x8, 1x7
Barbell curl: 3x7 17 1/2kg

Day 3. Pull day.

Deadlift: warm up 1x15 olympic bar
warm up 1x15 60kg
5x5 100kg (i usually add a little bit more weight each set!) if i don't do 5x5 I'll try for my 1 rep max which is at the 130kg mark at the moment
Lat pull ups: 3x8 (I sometimes do lat pull downs)
Bent over rows: 3x5 37 1/2kg
Shoulder shrugs: 4x10 35kg

That's everything really for the weights side of things. I'm still pretty new to deadlifting, but I do enjoy the exercise a lot. I've felt I've improved a lot over quite a short space of time. I had to use straps for the first time the other day because the bar kept slipping out of my hands.

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On the food side of things, joni has given me some good advice (with training as well) so I'm progressing a lot more.
For breakfast I'll have tahini on toast, plus porridge oats/soya milk. I'll have a protein shake (made up of water, soya protein isolate & creatine) sometime after this.

For my next meal I try & keep it nice & simple with something like beans on toast with a pint of soya milk. Or maybe some pasta with soya protein pieces with a glass of soya milk.

If I'm not training I'll have a protein shake a couple of hours later.

I train in the afternoons. Before training I take some creatine & straight afterwards I take 60g protein in. I usually get pretty hungry after training so eat something an hour later after my shake.

When i'm at work i take everything with me I think I'll need for my shift. Protein shake, peanut butter sandwiches, nuts, fruit etc!

After this then I'll make a good meal, something with pasta, tofu, mixed beans, broccoli/ some other veg & a sauce. Or maybe a fake meat etc! Before bedtime I have my final protein shake of the day.

I've also been using coconut milk in my shakes recently (for the fat content). Also, I always try drinking quite a bit of water esp. when taking creatine (I feel not enough people mention this when talking about training) plus it helps your body out anyway!

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