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Martin Whittred

I’m 29 years old. (d.o.b. 05/04/74) and have been a vegan for about five years now. Before becoming a vegan I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life.
My diet basically includes bread, vegetables, nuts and fruit. I also try and drink some soya milk each day. I’m quite light at the moment weighing 160lbs at 5’ 11”, although I’ve weighed about 196lbs at my heaviest.

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I currently train four to five times weekly on a split routine and train my chest, shoulders and triceps on Monday and Thursday and my back, biceps, legs and neck on Tuesday and Friday. I train exclusively at home and don’t have access to heavy weights, so most of my training uses my own body as resistance. I enjoy the kind of training that I can do anywhere. I also include a lot of isometric training and feel that isometrics have been invaluable in developing my strength. In addition I have a 60lb dumbbell with a 3” thick handle that I do hammer curls, rows and presses with, as supplementary exercise.
I train my grip only once or twice a week and use crushing, nail-bending and wrist development exercises. I was officially certified closing the Captain of Crush #3 gripper in Autumn 2001. (for those that don't know The Captain of Crush grippers are some of the hardest grippers in the world & only a few people in the world have been able to close a #3. Those that do close them get certified. For a full list of certified crushers [if that's the correct term?], then click here)

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My best feats of strength achieved whilst a vegan are:
Shutting the C.O.C.#3 for 8 consecutive reps.
Shutting the C.O.C.#3 with 3 fingers.

(Closing a CoC #3 with 3 fingers)

Shutting the C.O.C.#2 with 2 fingers for 6 reps.

(Closing a CoC#2 with 2 fingers)

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Shutting the Ivanko Supergripper on the toughest setting for 4 reps.

(Closing an Ivanko super gripper at the hardest setting)

Plate curling a 20kg plate.

Bending to parallel a 6” nail that had been cut to 4”. This was done in front of my chest unbraced. This was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done!

Bending a 6” nail cut to 5” behind my head.

Crushing a raw potato with the index and middle finger of my right hand.

(Closing the Ivanko again)

Tearing a pack of playing cards in half.

Doing push-ups using only one finger and thumb.

Doing push-ups on fingertips with no thumb support. (Not advisable! Very hard on the wrists!!)

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My current goals are:

To continue developing strength and carry on promoting the vegan lifestyle.

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