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 Vegfest London 2018





Female contest...

Male contest...




London is the biggest event in the UK, certainly one of the biggest in Europe. So, it is always a fun time to meet new people, talk about diet and exercise.
this year was no exception with 1,000's of people popping along to enjoy the weekend and listen to talks, see demonstrations and get involved.

As well as food, drink and treats there were artisan food

and specialty goods

Along with all this they had included activities like yoga for those who wished to be more active

or music for those who wished for more cerebral activities


Nathan Loughton with Spanish Strongman Carlos Barbon

Again we failed to film Nathans talk about exercise and diet. By all accounts is was a very informative talk and encouraged many people to move to a plant powered diet. (next year we will make sure we film our talks and get them to you).


This year we did have a slight hiccup with the contest. The dumbbells failed to arrive and so we had to change the contest to a press-up (or push-up if you prefer the term). Years ago we used to have ladies do it on their knees and men do full reps. Now we make both sexes do full press-ups, the only difference being that we make the men do a slight pause at the bottom of each rep.
I really apologise to those who came expecting a shoulder press and were surprised to find it was a press-up contest.

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Here are a some of the sponsors that supported us on the day

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Female contest

Third place
Eileen 3rd place 32 reps

second place
Clara 2nd place with 33 reps

First place
Courtney 1st Place with 34 reps

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Male contest

joint third place
Joint 3rd Place with Jamie and George 45 reps

Second place
2nd Place Stuart with 62 reps

First Place
1st Place is Ben with 63 reps


So that was the end of another fun packed vegfest

We had great fun and we hope to see you at the Vegfest Brighton in 2019. We will be having a pull-up challenge at the stall and a shoulder press contest as well. with prizes for everyone who takes part.
So hopefully see you there...and get practicing :-)
As usual I will end with a selection of pictures from people who entered the contest with their prizes, thanks again to the sponsors (go and support them)...