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At home I eat a lot of oats with sucanat, brassica veggies, tofu, tempeh, sometimes rice (brown) and pasta. Lately I've been getting pretty good at avoiding the pasta. The veggies (usually broccoli, kale or bok choy) are sometimes stir fried in olive or canola oil with the tofu or tempeh and loads of garlic or sometimes raw with oil and vinegar. Sometimes I have the veggies with the rice or pasta but lately I've usually been eating the salad or stirfry without the grain and really amazed at the satiety it offers. I also put nutritional yeast on almost everything I eat, except the oatmeal. Sometimes I have soymilk, I try to consume that mainly for the B12 fortification. I eat out too often. It's almost always some sort of veggie/tofu stirfry with white rice from either a Chinese or a Thai restaurant. Once in a while I cook up a big pot of black or chili beans and live off of that for three or four days.

My workout changed about a year ago when the cardiovascular portion of it which I had been doing every other day for years and entailed running in place with intervals of jumping chest tucks (70/set, 5sets/session) and that was gradually making my lower back stiffer and stiffer finally gave me an episode of lower back muscle spasms which I can easily say was the most physical pain I had ever experienced. Now I do swimming for cardiovascular. The muscle conditioning exercises haven't changed much but I cut back on frequency. Now my workout plan can be described as the following:

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Workout A) Push ups. with my feet and hands elevated on chairs so I can get my chest down further. Usually about 5 sets, a couple with very wide grip and then a few with narrower grip. Military Press. Just two sets. Pretty light weight, many reps. Dips. Two sets.

Workout B) Pull ups. Three or four sets. A couple overhand, wide grip. A couple underhand, narrow grip. Curls. Two sets. Light weight, many reps.

Workout C) Squats. Two sets. Just the weight of my body. Thrusts. One set. Just the weight of my body.

Workout D) Leg lifts. Ab crunches. Ab extension thingies with the wheel that you hold on to and roll it across the floor while keeping your knees stationary.

Workout E) Swimming.

I do each workout at least twice a week. I don't count reps. I just concentrate on making each rep as effective as possible. I focus much more on the negative making each rep last like 6 to ten seconds, maybe more. I make each set really hurt but I want to learn to be able to push myself to complete failure. I always wimp out before I reach that point. I also ride my bike a lot just as a means of transportation and rock climb.

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