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Age 31
height 185cm
weight 105kg/231lbs

Personal bests:
Squat 192.5kg
Bench 120kg
Deadlift 215kg
Total 527.5kg


I have started training more and more powerlifting style and for the big three, squat, bench and deadlift, lifts. Currently I am focusing on squat and hoping to break the 200kg raw squat milestone by the end of the year. deadlift has been neglected for a while due to it being so much easier to bring up to speed. Squats and bench are difficult lifts for me and they require a lot of work to get right.

bench press is still letting me down. 120kg is my paused bench max (in powerlifting you have to bring the bar to a visible pause on your chest before pressing it up again) but guys my size should be benching much more. This will be a focus point for me in future. I am expecting to nail the magical 300lbs/137.5kg bench press during next year.

Another training goal I have for next year is novice strongman competitions in the summer. Training for these will be fun, and a good variety for the powerlifting training. Strongman events require more stamina, and the lifts can be high reps or long static holds which take endurance and pain tolerance of different kind to powerlifting. I hope to write an update in the summer with pictures!

I have my training log at:

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