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James Gorman

james on beach

Hi, my name is James. I am a retired back specialist. & I live on the South coast of the UK. I have been a vegan for most of my life & I do not (nor have I ever) suffered from any deficiencies, in fact I am extremely fit & healthy and feel no need for supplements.

Firstly, I would like to talk about nutrition, as I am heavily involved in this field. The vegan diet is without question the ultimate diet for health, fitness, energy & ethics. It is the only truly cruelty-free diet & is the diet of world champion athletes.

I lecture in both the US & UK doing talks on nutrition at Colleges and Universities. I also lecture to bodybuilders on the great importance of protein - The soya bean has no rival containing 40% protein, 0% cholesterol & 0% saturated animal fats, it is readily absorbed & contains all the amino acids needed for bodybuilding. Animal proteins are extremely high in cholesterol and saturated fat, which should play no part in in a bodybuilders diet, or any kind of athlete, as this is extremely detrimental for a healthy diet.

To summarise, the worst form of protein a bodybuilder can consume is the flesh of animals or the milk of a cow. If any bodybuilders are looking for an alternative protein powder in the UK - Holland & Barrett's own brand Soya Isolate is superb, & should be recommended for any athlete [see supplement page for details of buying protein powders etc]

I put my physique down to my diet. I have a high protein diet, which is mainly soya & other plant proteins; eg: Tofu, soya milk, soya yoghurt, soya mince, legumes, plus all fruits and vegetables, nut, berries, seeds etc....

I have seen bodybuilders that have trained on a meat & dairy diet, & then changed to a vegan diet and the achievements have been extreme - strength gains, as well as muscular development, due to consuming a better quality of protein. The health benefits are also just as gratifying i.e. : Loss of body fat, gains in energy & better skin tone.

To conclude there is no opposition to the quality of soya protein, especially relating to a bodybuilder.

For more information I can be contacted through Vegan Bodybuilding

You can also find James on Veggie Vision & Typical Vegan pages

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