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These pictures were taken 10/23/04. This was the first powerlifting competition I ever entered. At this meet I squatted 315 (345 but I took a step forward), benched 285 (295 when forgetting to pause), and deadlifted 465 for a total of 1065. This was at a bodyweight of 231.7 and a height of 6'3.5".

So I only became a vegan in March of 2003. I thought I would get very weak and skinny and was prepared to become so. I was wrong. I've stayed about the same.

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My training in the month coming up to this competition was to just do one set of each exercise everyday stopping at 15 reps when I could get 20 to 25. Then once a week I maxed out. This was very unorthdox but I've always found that doing a whole body routine everyday has worked much better for me than more conventional strength training routines. Anyway I gained about 100 pounds on my powerlifting total in that month after being stuck for the previous 5 months while training in a more conventional style.

Now I'm attempting a much higher intensity and higher volume whole body workout for 5 to 7 days straight followed by 3 days of rest. I've only been doing it for one week and so far it's working very well. The inspiration for such craziness is Isaac Nesser.

Also I have a training log at where I have a bad habit of changing my mind about once a week.

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I find that how you lift determines how you need to eat. Since I've drastically changed my strength training routines recently my eating has also really changed. I was experimenting with ridiculous amounts of protein when doing the one set per day routine. Up to 400 grams of protein per day primarily from rice protein shakes and pea protein shakes.
Now I've switched to just eating lentils, nuts, pasta, oatmeal, etc. Probably only getting 100 to 130 grams of protein. In the past I would get very weak quite quick off such a diet but with the change in my training routine I'm so far just feeling much stronger.

I have little to no idea of calories and fat and don't worry about such things. When I first became vegan I tried going very low fat as it was the first time in my life I was eating protein sources that I could stand without lathering them in high fat condiments. But that low fat eating really didn't seem to do me any good and I imagine my fat intake is now around 30%.

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J, Ryan & sensless with trophies

I'd like to eventually get a 1500 raw total in powerlifting but I'm not sure how that will go as my back doesn't seem to love all those squats and deadlifts. At the very least I want to be bench pressing 350 within a year.

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