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Pop over & see our day at the Great Yorkshire vegan festival 2015

All the fun of the Bristol Vegfest 2015 here...

Click here to see our adventures at the Brighton Vegfest 2015

Check out the Animal Aid Christmas fayre here...

The London Vegfest write-up in all its glory can be found here...

London Vegfest

For our write-up of our day at the London Vegan festival click here...

Profile of Personal Trainer Sabina Skala can be found here...

Brighton Vegfest 2014 can be found here...

New beginners training & diet guide can be found on the download page here called "An introduction to vegan fitness & health"

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There's the new Vegan Bodybuilding blog at

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Upcoming events


London Vegfest 2015 - Oct 10th (10-7PM) 11th (10-5PM) Olympia Central Levels 1 and 3

West Midlands vegan festival 2015 - Sat 24th & Sun 25th October 2015 10am - 6pm @ The Wolves Civic

Sponsors & supporters

Vegusto - the plant-based gourmet food suppliers

Viridian Vitamins
Viridian vitamins sells great supplements & sponsors of our Vegan bodybuilding competitions!

Vegan Health & fitness magazine
Vegan Health & fitness magazine - Helping you achieve your best without harming animals

Veganicity - Top supplements for health & maximum performance

Hemp Natural
Good Hemp Nutrition  protein powder is grown & produced in the UK & sponsors of our Vegan bodybuilding competitions!

Vitashine vitamin D
Vitashine vitamin D3 (yes it's vegan!). They are also sponsors of our Vegan Bodybuilding competitions

Opti3 - vegan DHA/EPA pill. They are also sponsors of our Vegan Bodybuilding competitions

Natures Whey
Natures Whey Ultimate All-in-one protein (the name is word-play, it is a fully VEGAN product) Ignite Ultra V.
They are also sponsors of our Vegan Bodybuilding competition.  Available in several flavours.

Great Weightlifting - weight lifting workouts

Living Miracle - Pat Reeves

Vegan Essentials- Get EVERYTHING vegan in one place!

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