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Bodybuilder, Fitness instructor/Personal trainer and nutritional adviser

I turned Vegan in October 2003 because of animal abuse and the health benefits that go with being Vegan. I’ve been the fitness industry since 1997 and in that time as a fitness instructor/personal trainer I’ve see a lot of new and experienced bodybuilder doing exercises with incorrect technique and posture so here a few tips to get you started or to improve what you are already doing:

1. Improve posture, core and joint stability and learn how to breathe correctly.
2. Never sacrifice technique for weight, only on last set. But don’t go mad and try to lift a weight that's too heavy (1-3 kg heavier on last set only).
3. Remember to breath out on the effort.
4. Always have a training partner, someone you can trust when it comes to spotting and to encourage / push you.
5. Make sure you and your training partner know how to spot correctly (Most injuries are caused by spotters who don’t now what they are doing).

When training you only need to do 10 minutes warm up on a stationary bike, you only need to do the weight side of the session for 1 hour or under as training for longer than this depletes your body’s natural growth hormone. Do no more than 2 muscle groups in one session. Only 6-8 reps per set with only 20 sets for the whole workout

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• Chest press- 4 sets of 6-8 reps.
• Incline chest press- 4 sets of 6-8 reps.
• Fly’s- 4 sets of 6-8 reps.
• Bicep curl- 4 sets of 6-8 reps.
• Hammer curl- 4 sets of 6-8 reps.
• This totals 20 sets.


For a cool down 5 minutes walking on a treadmill followed by stretching out the 2 muscle groups you have trainer. This is important because if you don’t stretch the muscle gets short and tight which will lead to injury. Rest is also very important so for every 2 days of training have 1 day off and don’t train on weekend

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Monday — Chest and Biceps.
Tuesday — Legs.
Wednesday — OFF.
Thursday — Shoulders and triceps.
Friday — Back.
Saturday and Sunday — OFF.

The programme above is the same one that James and I follow and please remember that this programme will make you bigger; cutting up is something very different. I also recommend you eat a high protein Vegan diet.

Please note that before undertake any programme you need to get your doctors consent to do so and that Gary Marsh can not be held responsible for any injuries caused by you following this programme.

To find out who my training partner is, look out for James Gold on this site and if you would like any more information about nutrition or training please contact me via Vegan Bodybuilding & I'll get back to you.



Breakfast (8am)

Snack (11am) Lunch (2pm) Snack (5pm) Dinner (8pm) Snack (11pm)
Fruit Smoothie, 1 slice of toast
1 x flapjack with dates & walnuts 1 pint of water
Small salad with almonds, soya milk
2 x fruit, protein shake
Pasta (small plate)
Small bit of soya icecream with raisins & coconut
Protien shake & toasted teacake
2 x fruit & rice milk
2 x salad sandwich, soya milk
2 x fruit with almond & walnut, soya milk
3 x soya rashers in a roll & pint of water
fruit smoothie
Fruit salad, pure orange juice
2 x fruit & rice milk
Houmous & corncrispy bread, 1 pint of water
soya cheese in sandwich & soya milk
Vegetable smoothie
2 x soya yoghurt
Toast with marmalade, Rice milk
1 x apricot flapjack, 1 soya milk
Fruit salad & grapefruit
1 pint of water 2 x fruit
2 x rolls with soya cheating beef, 1 pint of water
Fruit smoothie
Cereals with Soya milk & black coffee (decafe)
vegetable smoothie
Soft soya cheese & corncrispy bread, soya milk
2 x fruit & soya milk
soya mince with peppers, mixed beans & rice milk
2 x soya yoghurt
2 x slices of toast + green tea, 2 x soya yoghurts
1 slice of fruit cake & soya milk
Small salad with almonds & walnuts
Fruit smoothie
Pizza (home made) & soya milk
Fruit salad & pineapple juice
Nut roast with mixed veggies (roasted), soya milk
Salad & fruit smoothie
Fruit Salad

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