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Fruitbat update Aug 2005


Weekly profile of exercises...






Introduction to Update Aug 2005

Hi folks. As its approaching 12months that I have been doing bodybuilding/free weights, I thought it was time to update my WIP. The last 12months have been among the most educational in my whole life in academia, in social skills and in training. I have put on about 12 kilos in weight and probably more than quadruplped my strenght. I am also fitter CV-wise. I have my training partner to thank for the fantastic introduction to weights and for inspiring me to work out hard and continue my pursuit for perfect health and fitness. I have consulted Pat Reeves for a nutritional and physical analysis and she has made some very important suggestions which hopefully over time will help me to achieve even more.

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Weekly profile of exercise:

Monday: Swim (AM); Gym (PM): chest and triceps
Tuesday: Swim (AM); Gym (PM): CV - usually "spinning" class; Xtrainer and rowing (5km usually <25mins) - sometimes a little legs (squats, leg press, calf raises)
Wednesday: Swim (AM); Run (PM)
Thursday: Swim (AM); Gym (PM): shoulders
Friday: Swim (AM): Gym (PM): back and biceps
Saturday: recently adopted as my rest day but before used to be run and/or swim day
Sunday: Run and sometimes swim OR outdoors day for mountain pursuits

Swimming: this hasn't changed much really; I continue to swim in my normal 1 breast; 3 crawl for 20 and then 20 all crawl and then revert back etc. During the academic year I would usually do 100 at least 3 times a week and 60 the rest of the time but since May I always swim 100 a time (nonstop). My record for length swim was 400 lengths non-stop in the normal patter in 3h40. My record for 100 lengths is 42mins. My speed is picking up.

Gym: I usually start each session with a low intensity 20mins Xtrainer warmup and then if I have time some Abs. With weights, usually I do 3 or 4 exercises for each muscle group and usually 3 sets of 8-12 reps. My training partner and I always finish a session with 45mins on the spin bikes.

Running: I try to run twice a week as I am doing a half marathon and a Mountain marathon (KIMM) in October this year. Runs are usuallly 40mins-2hours+ and as it is very hilly where I live it invariably means 2-4 steep long hills. I do occasionally just go up and down the seafront or around a field to do some interval training on the flat.

Cycling: I recently purchased a mountain bike I am very proud of so I occasionally get taken out biking. Every day I sail around town and up and down the long steep hill to campus 3 times a day. And spinning is a for of gym cycling class which I enjoy a lot too.

Other CV: rowing I never used to do much but there are new rowing machines in the gym which I like and when I stay at parents and use the gym near them there are few CV machines so I row and have taken a liking to it - trying to beat 4minutes for 5km at max resistance. I love mountain walking/climbing/scrambling so get out quite frequently to Lakes, Snowdonia etc for a day in teh fresh air. Also I have the KIMM to train for.

Flexibility: is something I need to start making time to do - I dont stretch half as much as I should - so starting today I intend to make a renewed attempt at stretching. I want to regain my flexibility from my gym days.

Rest days are VERY new but I am getting used to them and they DO do me a huge amount of good.

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Over the summer my diet changed alot from the mush / tofu and broccoli and the salad / sweet potato pattern. More importantly I need to eat slower as I eat shockingly fast and thus do not really do my body any favours.

Breakfast: fruit (usually 2 golden kiwis and some berries two times a week; maybe a banana), Almonds, Brazil nuts an Pumpkin seeds; often dried fruit which may include dates, figs, dry apricots and prunes

Lunch: usually something salady like my favourite: avocado tomato walnut pinenut and mixed leaf salad; or small salad of nuts, seeds, apple, red pepper, leaves, cucumber and tomato served with a sweet potato; or salad leaves with sugar-free baked beans and hummus. Once or sometimes several times a week I go to organic restaurant still.

Supper: sometimes whilst it is cooking I have a carrot dipped in tahini; and then I like making soups such as Butternut squash, sweet potato and coconut milk; or Broccoli, Kale/Chard and watercress/Basil; Mixed vegetable... which I serve with some salad and 200g Tofu and/or Quinoa and sometimes some chickpeas or lentils.

I used to need to snack alot and I think its because I wasnt eating enough on the other hand its better to eat little meals frequently rather than the 3 large meals I have at the moment. Snacks were usually Ogran pancakes (gluten free mix) made with soy milk and molasses; or Quinoa with soy milk coconut and dry fruit; or Smoothie with soy milk and soy protein in it

Every day I try to include: nuts, seeds, tofu, Udo oil, Flax oil, orange/red veg, dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard) and raw veggies

Every week: seaweed, broccoli 2x, miso

I avoid gluten, I avoid sugar and salt, I avoid caffeine (decaff green tea Clipper), I refuse trans and hydrogenated fats

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AM (when I get up): Strontium

With breakfast after swim: 1000mg Vit C powder; Bcomplex with B12; Multi-Vit; Oregano Complex

Before dinner: Osteoplex

After dinner: Calcium, Boron and Magnesium powder; MSM glucosamine

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Take more time for my soul so maybe try yoga?

Eat slower.

KIMM and half marathons this year; triathlon and marathon next year

Get my bench press up to 50k (currently 42.k maybe 45k cant remember) by Next VeganFitness week for squats would like to squat my body weight next time (i.e. 60+k whereas currently at 55k) and deadlift 115k (currently 105k)

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My strength has increased astronomically over the last 12months and I am so proud of my weight gain. I look totally different from the thin girl of last year. I have grown out of most of my clothes but am so strong and fit that I dont feel bad about it at all. I also relish my reputation in the sports centre and around town in my favourite haunts where I am notorious for my sport and healthiness. I have also become very confident in advertising my vegan lifestyle (but without pushing it on people of course) and it seems that many of my friends have been strongly influence by me. I have evolved from the selfish health-motivated vegan I was to an enviro and animal-ethical driven vegan. Best choice I ever made.

Many of the pictures are from Vegan Fitness week in Manchester which was fantastic - mainly because of the people which made a fantastic ambiance - but the challenges and activities were very inspiring too.

I start the next academic year embarking on a PhD so I have not only lots of physical activities to look forward to but also alot career-wise to enjoy.

Take care all!!!!!!!!



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