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Dusan Dudas – Healthy Bodybuilding

Dusan Dudas
Dusan placing 2nd in "Musclemania" 2002 - Melbourne, Australia

The inspiration behind the website Healthy Body-Building

I train clients online and give tailor-made solutions to achieve their workout and diet goals.

I also train clients one-on-one in my studio gym in Auckland, New Zealand, with workout and nutritional advice for vegans, vegetarians as well as meat-eaters.

trainee working with Dusan
Trainee working with Dusan

YouTube interview done for Veggie Channel – filmed in Rome

New book Naturally Amazing

Naturally Amazing

My recently-released book "Naturally Amazing" can be purchased on or directly from my website as above. Many of my clients have been requesting such a book for many years, and finally I’ve done it!
“Naturally Amazing” has been written for men and women who wish to achieve optimum health, feel fantastic, lose weight and tone their bodies, without the traditional high animal protein diets normally advocated by coaches and nutritionists.

Dusan in 2002 preparing for competition

This book is particularly aimed at those who wish to lead a vegetarian or vegan, high pH lifestyle, yet still build muscle and achieve a great healthy, toned body – or even competitive bodybuilding form.
In addition to outlining my own background, career and diet and workout programmes, “Naturally Amazing” discusses our current day environment and its effects on our health, along with the implications of a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in processed foods. Topics include water, air and food pollution and advice is offered on how to combat their effects.

“Naturally Amazing” focuses on the unique concept of combining a vegan or vegetarian high pH alkalarian diet with bodybuilding training, with my own experiences proving that you can successfully compete and win as a bodybuilder on a purely vegan, high pH diet – at any age.

Dusan flexs in 2002

One question I’m often asked is “is it possible to build muscle on a vegan or vegetarian diet” and my answer is yes! Clean blood is necessary to build muscle, hence my focus on a high pH diet, and hemp, soy, rice and pea proteins provide excellent sources of protein as do kale, spinach and other dark green vegetables.

Specific diet and workout programmes are included for both men and women, along with photographs and illustrations depicting correct workout postures. Exercise do’s and don'ts are described simply but in detail in order to help the reader achieve maximum effectiveness with 45 – 60 minute workout sessions."

diagram in Natually Amazing
Diagram in the book Naturally Amazing

After 35 years as a successful natural bodybuilder and personal trainer, initially as a meat-eater and more recently as a convert to high alkaline vegetarianism, I share my own story, along with my health and training secrets in this inspiring book. I won many natural bodybuilding competitions in Europe and in the last few years have won my category (over 50s) in the South Pacific Natural Bodybuilding Champs – most recently, in 2009, as a Vegan, and the third time I’ve been Mr New Zealand natural.

Dusan (centre), winner 50+ category, 2007 South Pacific Natural Bodybuilding Championships

For more details about Dusan, the book "Naturally Amazing", or working with him as a client check out the website Healthy Body-Building

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