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If you find any of the following books or guides useful then please donate whatever you think they are worth (or you can afford) click here to go to the paypal donation page

New beginners training & diet book

book cover

At just under 60 pages this is a great beginners guide to training & diet.  It covers how to start training at home or in the gym, lifting, cardio & diet.  For those seeking to change to a vegan diet, vegans trying to improve their fitness, or even junk food vegans wanting to improve their food choices this book could be a great first step.  So, whether you are aiming at adding muscle, losing fat, becoming more athletic or just want to look better on the beach this book will help make the improvements you after easier & help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Here's the contents page



Preface 2

Getting Started 5

What the programme isn’t 6

Who is the Captain? 6

Simple, not Easy 7

Beginning the Journey 8

Goal Choices 9

Going Healthy Plant-Based 9

Hypothetical Jim 11

Vegan Planning (don't get caught short!) 13

The Big Three Dietary Systems 15

Calories for Maintenance, Diet or Gaining 16

Veganism & protein 16

Vitamin B12 17

Iodine 17

EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) 18

Vitamins and Minerals 18

Other foods 19

When to eat 19

Important Points when Beginning Plant-Based Eating 20

o    Losing Fat 20

o    Gaining Muscle 23

o    Maintaining 26

Planning your Meals 27

What to Eat 29

Beans 29

Frying and oil 30

A few meals 30

o    Protein muffins 31

o    Millet slice 32

o    Pear and watercress soup 34

o    Scrambled Tofu 35

o    Tempeh Wraps 36

Different eating options 37

o    Whole food vegan 38

o    Living Food 38

o    80:10:10 38

o    Forks over knives/Engine2 38

o    Ornish diet 38

o    Fuhrman diet 38

o    Eco-Atkins diet 38

o    Raw food 39

Women Lifting 40

Warming-up, Recovery and Other Factors 41

Training 42

Bodyweight training 42

o    Push-ups 42

o    Inverted Row 43

o    Wall Squat 43

o    Plank 44

o    Side Plank 44

o    Shoulder Bridge 45

Beginners Training with Weights (written by strongman Joni Purmonen) 45

The big 3 of getting big 45

Train Hard 45

Training Routine 46

Sample Programmes 47

o    Back to basics routines 47

o    Whole body workouts 47

o    Another 3 day split 49

Cardio training 50

o    Resting Heart Rate (RHR) 50

o    Ambient Heart Rate (AHR) 50

o    Delta Heart Rate (DHR) 51

o    Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) 51

o    Target Heart Rate (THR) 51

o    Recovery Heart Rate (ReHR) 51

Edwards Age and Weight Predicted Method of Finding MHR 52

Robergs and Landwehr Age Predicted Method of Finding MHR 52

Age Predicted Method of Finding MHR 52

o    Zone 1 (healthy heart zone) 52

o    Zone 2 (fat burning zone) 52

o    Zone 3 (aerobic zone) 52

o    Zone 4 (anaerobic threshold) 53

o    Zone 5 (Red line zone) 53

Steady State cardio 53

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 54

Cardio weight training 55

Resources 57

Wrapping up 57

You can download a copy by right clicking here & using "Save as..." to store in your computer.

Downloadable training guides

Here are some brief guides for beginners on nutrition for vegan strength trainees & brief introductions to some types of training you might wish to try: -

Right click, then use the 'Save as...' to put the file where ever you prefer on your computer. These guides are formatted so you can print them out if you so desire.

Vegan nutrition for strength athletes (doc [343Kb], pdf [302Kb])

Beginners guide to :

Bodybuilding (doc [170Kb], pdf [385Kb])

Powerlifting (doc [106Kb], pdf [203Kb])

Olympic lifting (doc [224Kb], pdf [211Kb])

Fitness using weights (doc [122Kb], pdf [204Kb])

To view pdf files you need acrobat reader , to view doc files you need MS Word or compatible program

Many thanks to Billy, Joni & Laura for taking the time to write some of the guides & to Pat for checking out the Powerlifting guide to make sure it was accurate



Screen savers 

Here are a couple of screen savers based on the the spinach fist VBB logo & the "Vegan Power" Deadlifting Gorilla (as seen on the VBB t-shirts), both approx 1Mb each to download.

Simply right click on the images below & choose "save target as". Save them to a place you'll remember, then unzip & double click to load them as your new screen saver (if you need any extra help give me a quick e-mail )

Download vegan gorilla screensaver here Vegan Power Gorilla has a red background with the VBB URL & a whole herd of gorillas (as shown) floating about (file name gorillaSSaver

Download iron-spinach fist screensaver hereIron-spinach fist has a green background with the VBB URL & a whole herd of fists (as shown) floating about (file name: veganFistOfFury


Both thes screensavers are produced by the vegan design collective Emonkeys the cheekiest designers around. For all your designing needs (they work free for a load of animal charities so give them your support)


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