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Denise Nicole


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It has been a whirlwind and everything happened quite quickly.  My hobby had become a career and I had to make a decision to sell my old business and move forward with my love.  I'm modeling / competing / training and touring as a career now and loving every minute of it!

I have competed several times in 2007 in the Fitness Model and Figure divisions at the Natural Bodybuilding Competitions.  My physique is getting better by the day as I set meet and exceed each one.  I love the people in the comp BBing world and adore being on stage!  I am my best and worst critic, and have come to crave the challenges which lie ahead of me.

I will continue competing this year as well as several modelling shoots, including magazines, calendars, ad campaigns etc.  I have met my goal .... I am beginning to thrive in the mainstream world as a vegan, more and more in the public eye.  Now it's time to set the next goal and push even harder.

This vegan has come a long way, this year and can't wait to see what I can do in 2008!

Current Training



Weights: Mon, Wed, Fri - workouts vary and are progressing quite nicely.  I love doing the heavy sets of 8 after warm up and finish them off with rest pause sets and/or widow maker sets depending on the exercise.  I have found the 2.5lb plate to be my friend and try to add it on to my heavy set when that exercise comes round again.  I have also found that burning through the WM sets many times is a matter of over coming boundaries which I had pre-set in my head.  Once I got those down .... there is no stopping me now! :)

Cardio: (30-40 min steady tread): Tues, Thurs - cardio increases pre-comp, a few weeks out it become daily (except leg days).


Off season I am at around 1600 cals per day.  I am currently beginning to come up on several shoots and will back off to about 1400cals, pre-contest, I end up around 1100-1200 cals.  Last comp season, I stepped on stage at about 104lbs, this year, I'll step on stage heavier, but at the same BF% (yay for more muscle).

Denise's Training History

Denise has been involved with Vegan bodybuilding from before she started to compete & started out on the Work In Progress pages of the site.  Here's a glimpse at the earlier work Denise put in to get where she is now!  Click here to see Denise's old WIP pages

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