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Denise Nicole

Jan 06...

Update Nov 06...

Dec 06

My fitness pursuit began several years ago. I wanted to pursue a fit and healthy life and found better ways to feed my body and thus I began to pursue exercise. My pursuits for a healthy diet eventually lead me to a vegetarian lifestyle and finally a vegan lifestyle. I began to enjoy the benefits of healthy vegan foods also including many raw foods as part of my meals. Becoming vegan has changed my life for the better in so many ways, aside from meeting so many people with like dietary lifestyles from so many diverse backgrounds, I have enjoyed living a compassionate lifestyle knowing I am helping to lessen the amount of animal suffering. I have enjoyed more strength, less sickness, clarity of mind, and am at peace with my lifestyle choice.

I grew up in a meat eating family and ate as they did, eating all that greasy food and lived on a lot of fast food. Weight lifting and exercising was not something my family pursued. I watched them begin to become sick with headaches, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I was told this “runs in the family” and knew I could expect the same fate as them. This was when I began to lift weights, run and adjust my diet. I did become healthier then I was, but still suffered from headaches and fatigue. One day at a routine physical, I was given the dreaded news that I too had high blood pressure and high cholesterol; I too would have a lifetime of medicine. I was shocked that after my efforts I would suffer the same fate as them. I had eliminated a lot of animal products from my diet by then, too much fat, too high in cholesterol. I had read a bit about vegetarianism and decided I would pursue it. I did and my levels came down. When I became a Vegan my levels were awesome. No medicine for me, I had beaten my perceived fate! My Vegan diet eventually pored over into the rest of my style of living. Becoming educated on the fate of animals in factory farming has changed my life forever. I can no longer buy, or wear something that once lived. I donated all my old leather clothing and have never looked back.

 I did some amateur modeling for a few years and then decided to pursue building my own company, a Scuba Diving Center, which I currently own and operate. I enjoy introducing so many people in exploring our underwater world. I would like to continue to pursue fitness and spreading the word to mainstream markets how Vegans can be strong, beautiful, smart, and of course, we are compassionate. I hope in spreading the word I can educate people on how the Vegan lifestyle can be a viable, healthy option for them to pursue.

Update November 06




December 1 Update...


My diet and training have evolved quite a bit as I progress to my goals, which are to be as healthy and fit as I possibly can. I am still continuing to pursue fitness and spreading the word to mainstream markets how Vegans can be strong, health and beautiful. I continue to educate people on how the Vegan lifestyle can be a viable, healthy option for them to pursue.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Washington DC animal Rights Conference as an exhibitor with Robert Cheeke in August. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many people and provide information about veganism and fitness.

Pic 1-VeganEssentials, Robert, VeganPotter & Myself in the exhibit hall during the Animal Rights Conference.

Pic 2 –working booth

Pic 3-Myself and Vegan Potter

I was instrumental in assisting the local University with their 1st Vegetarian Day. By providing information, eating plans, & vegan fitness DVD.
Unfortunately they did not give me enough prior notice when they asked me to speak at the University. However, I am set to give a talk at their next one in Oct 2007.

I have had the pleasure of working with several women who are interested in weight loss and fitness. These omni women have been more than open to Vegan lifestyle, some of them underwent extreme surgery only to find themselves gaining back the weight after the first year. Since seeing the encouraging progress of these women and with the continued amount of e-mail I receive on the same from the omni world, I am launching a website addressing the most asked questions and helping to promote change in their health, and bringing awareness to veganism ultimately saving animal lives. This site should be up and running by the beginning of 2007.


I have discovered the wonderful world of raw foods and incorporate them throughout my day. Currently most days look like this:

Protein Shake w/flax oil
Raw Salad, Green Tea
Protein Shake
Raw Veggies, water

Work Out:

My workout continues to evolve. I try to change it up every 6-8 weeks to keep my body guessing. I broke my toe in the fall of this year and thus it affected my workouts quite a bit. I was unable to do very much at all for 6 weeks. It effected how far, I feel I could have come here at the end of the year. I am back doing a full-on program and even with the break, overall I am quite pleased with my progress.

My shoulders and back are coming along nicely, and muscles are much more solid then before, especially my legs. I am quite happy so far, and look forward to further progress.

I have a solid base and have decided to compete this coming year in figure competitions. This will give me something to look forward to, to stay focused and continue my progression.


Update Dec 1st, 2006

I continue to do occasional modeling work, and if offered a comment or caption, I always mention my veganism. These are some photos from my last shoot. It's funny how as I progress I feel more confident when I do these shoots. These will be used for various print work and internet work. The black set was "gladiator style" and was hard to stay focused because I kept laughing (I'm really that "tuff" in person). The Holiday set was really fun too. Everything was shot indoor as it is much to cold (for me anyway) to do anything outside right now. Can't wait 'til summer when I can do this outside in the warm sun!


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