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David Good





Height = 5' 8" (173 centimetres)
Weight = 172 lbs (78 kilograms) on 11/01/03
Age = 23

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I train on a 6 day cycle with two days on followed by one day of rest. I used to train like a bodybuilder, hence I overtrained with isolation exercises and never progressed too far with my strength. For the last 3 months I have really been focusing on compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts which I used to ignore (sigh). My current routine, that I'll try to change every 6-8 weeks, is:
day 1: chest + dips
day 2: upper back + grip
day 3: rest
day 4: shoulders + triceps
day 5: squat, deadlift, biceps
day 6: rest
I have been employing the 5x5 progressive loading program with 2 or 3 exercises per session and have found significant improvement in all of my lifts. Progress has peaked in most of my lifts so I am now increasing the reps to 8 until I feel ready for another strength cycle. My regular cardio is a 15 minute run/walk on an inclined treadmill after my workout. I aim for burning 200-220 calories.

Diet /Supplements:
I eat 6-7 times a day and consume an average of 2700 calories on a non-training day and 3000 on a training day. I know these numbers seem low, but anything higher seems to go straight too my stomach. drink 2 protein shakes a day that consist of 25 grams of soy protein, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 1 banana. Also I have recently begun consuming flax seeds.
supplements: shaklee vita-lea multivitamin
I have been vegan for about four years and believe it is one of the most important decisions a person can make in regards to their belief in the concept of freedom and responsibility.

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Goals (short term)
Increase squat, deadlift, and dip strength
Lower bodyfat, < 8%
Update every 2-3 months

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