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Update October 2005...

Training has been good, the last two months largely focusing on the ADAU Connecticut Raw Drug Free Powerlifting Championships, which was October 2, 2005.

To train for it I concentrated largely on the Big 3 lifts, doing very little else and training low reps-high weight, really close to my 1 rep maxes. I would bench twice a week, squat once, and deadlift once per week, focusing on pushing my maxes up. The only assistance lifts I included were bent-over rows, triceps, and stiff-legged deadlifts. Early on in training I would throw in some hang cleans for good measure. For the last 3 weeks of training, I deadlifted at a deficit, putting 35 lbs plates instead of 45 lbs plates to make the bar lower, I think this really helped at the meet.

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I was in the 132.5/60 kg weight class, making it without even trying. Weighed in at 131.5 lbs/59.65 kg.

My attempts were as follows:

Squat: 180 lbs/81.7 kg, 210 lbs/95.3 kg, failed at 230 lbs/104.3 kg
Bench: 100 lbs/45.4 kg, failed at 115 lbs/52.2 kg, failed at 115 lbs/52.2 kg
Deadlift: 190 lbs/86.2 kg, 215 lbs/97.5 kg, 230 lbs/104.3 kg

Total: 540 lbs/244.9 kg

This was more than enough for me to win since I was the only woman in that weight class. Could possibly have done better in the squat, I was going for a PR on the last one and just didn’t quite get it. I’m not too happy with my bench, I can do more than that, but in this federation (unlike others) the judges give the “push” command at the bottom of the bench, and this judge seemed to make extra sure that we were paused for a long time! The deadlift I’m much happier with, actually making each attempt. Overall a good meet.

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Nutrition has been decent, but I’ve been under a large amount of stress for the last month so my appetite has dropped considerably, but otherwise doing good. I’ve been taking a multivitamin a couple times a week and drinking plenty of soy milk.

Martial Arts has been toned down a little in preparation for this competition. I’ve only been going to Hapkido once a week, but kickboxing still 3 times a week. School plus getting a new job also makes it harder to make it to every class.

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