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Update May 05...

WIP Update – May 2005

I’ve moved to a good ‘ol 5x5 routine as well as started taking a Japanese Kickboxing class (on top of my Hapkido). Also got my first belt in this new Hapkido school (yellow).


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All sets and reps 5x5. Every week, I add 5 lbs to the weight (especially the Big Three – the others aren’t so important).

Day 1 - Deadlift, Bent-Over Rows, Chins

Day2 - Bench, Shoulder Press, Bench Dips or Close-Grip Bench

Day 3 - Squat, SLDL, Calves, Weighted Abs

Hapkido is Tues, Wed, Thur nights and Kickboxing is Mon, Wed, Fri mornings

Current 1RM’s:
Squat: 205 lbs
Bench: 115 lbs
Deadlift: 225 lbs

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Much better lately. More whole foods and fresh produce versus packaged stuff. I’ve organized my eating and planned out meals ahead of time and that has helped a lot. Its amazing how far a little organization and planning goes. My favorite food lately have been pizza. The dough is from Wildoats and I add sliced almonds, sautéed mushrooms, olives and maybe spinach or artichoke hearts. Maybe some carrot ginger soup from Wildoats for another favorite.

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All taken the last week of April. The weights are not too heavy yet because it is only the second week of my 5x5 routine. You can see a really nasty bruise from kickboxing just below my tattoo on the shoulder press picture. And yes, my gym is a neon gym that is all painted in bright purple and yellow. Also ignore the silly looks on my face!

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