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Bristol Vegan fayre 2005


Robbie's Posing...

The Talk...

The Shoulder Press Contest...

Other friends...


The day started at 5AM as we trundled off in an old van towards Bristol, carrying a whole herd of stewards for the Bristol Vegan fayre from the Brighton area. Arriving in the nick of time (the van was slower than expected), we rushed about, setting up the stall, getting the stewards sorted etc & of course catching up with Robbie, Tim & the VBB family.

Robbie's Posing

Our first job of the day was day was at noon with Robbie doing some posing on the main stage, so off we went to get him tanned up before the he went on stage.

Robbie made a grand entrance dressed in a cape, as I did his introduction & after the crowd got over the shock of seeing a bodybuilder close up, they soon got into the whole event & enjoyed themselves immensely!

After the posing we had to depart the main hall to thunderous applauds& scrub off the tan we'd put on beforte the display. At one point Robbie was leaning over against the sink, naked, with me scrubbing his back & him saying "Rub it harder!", not too may people seemed to be using the facilities while we were in there!!!

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The Talk

As we only had 45 minutes Robbie & I decided that the best course of action was to open the session straight up to Questions & Answers. We know that many vegans are very new to the world of training & had some issues they need answering, so we thought we'd try to help as many people as possible get on track while we had time.

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Shoulder Press contest

Sponsored by

First of all I'd like to thank both Yaoh foods & Redwoods foods for their continued support of the contests run by Vegan Bodybuilding & special thanks to Tim of Yaoh for MCing the event & supporting us right from the start!

The main event of the entire fayre was the Shoulder press contest. This is the first Vegan Strength event to be held anywhere in the world, & to be honest we weren't sure if anyone would even want to enter the event, so we were a bit nervous as the time approached & we wondered who would be entering?

Thankfully by 4PM we'd gather a fair crowd of competitors, all willing to give it their all for the Fabulous trophy kindly donated by Tim at Yaoh foods (Actually TWO trophies 1 male, 1 female)

Tim (of the said Yaoh fame) MCed the event, which was first a female contest, then a male competition, with females having 8Kg on the bar & males having 15Kg on the bar (the bars being spinlock dumbbells of approx 2Kg).

The female contest contained 4 women:

Mary Brady-Lea 11 reps

Kay 15 reps

Joanne Perkins 21 reps

Kate Cooke 24 reps

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The male contest involved 7 competitors

Wejdy Aesa10 reps

James Southwood 12 reps

Jamie Perkins 15 reps

Dave Arnold 17 reps

Gareth Zeal 20 reps

Michael Ros 24 reps

And finally Tim felt he just had to show them all some real Vegan Power!!!!

Tim from Yaoh 1 rep

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The Winners

In reality everyone who took part in the event was a winner & did a fantastic job of pushing the idea that vegans are strong as any meat-eater, but as we only had 2 trophies, the lucky winners on the day were Michael Ros & Kate Cooke, both with 24 reps a piece, although it was so close, on another day, or if the order they competed was different, the result could have been very different. Every competitor was given their choice of Yaoh product & the winner got a trophy, a £50 Redwoods voucher & their choice of Yaoh product.

Other friends

Also at the event was the Vegan Fitness crew & Realfood group to try educate & inform the public about training & veganism

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