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 Vegfest Brighton 2019





Female contest...

Male contest...



A few prizes from the contest

This was something of a bitter sweet event as it was the last vegfest at the Brighton Centre. I believe we have been doing the event for the last 10 years? So, it was with some sadness and many fond memories that we came to this years event.
During the Saturday a person stood outside eating a raw pig's head. I believe he had some sort of mental issue or other problems as he upset members of the public passing by. Hopefully he get the help he needs very soon.


We had talks by Steve Coote and Nathan Loughton, but unfortunately I was unable to leave the stall and photograph, by all accounts both did amazingly well at their talks and really helped people with their training and dietary issues (whether that was adding muscle, getting stronger, or losing fat). We will definitely try recording some of their talks and get those to you at some point in the near future.


This years contest was doing the maximum amount of inverted rows. Woman has knees bent to 90 degrees and men had straight legs. We also had an under 14's contest for those younger people who wanted to enter. We had a surprise of 20 bags full of goodies from BS food (see link below), so virtually everyone got a bag as well a selection of other goodies from our sponsors below.


We need to support our sponsors. They allow everyone to get a prize and so supporting them will help them to support us at future events.

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Vegetology - Makers of Vitamin D3, DHA/EPA omega-3 oil, multi vitamins, and Joint pain products 15% off using code VEGANHEALTH

Strong Duck

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BS food - vegan supplements

good heavens it's Jeavons
Good heavens, It's Jeavons - best choccy treats available
Gorilla gym
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for those wishing to move towards plant-based eating

Viridian vitamins sells great supplements & sponsors of our Vegan bodybuilding competitions!

Vegan Health and fitness Magazine
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Chip butty Vegan
Don't forget Maz, buy his book and learn to make "English food" that will fool a meat eater!

Other sponsors on the weekend include:

Creative Nature - cold pressed snack bars
Vego - vegan chocolate
Vega - protein powder
Follow your heart - vegan condiments

Female contest

Male contest


It was a fantastic weekend full of surprises, adventures and memories. It is sad to see the vegfest leave Brighton, but hopefully their new endeavors will be even more successful than vegfest has been at promoting a more compassionate world.

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