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 Brighton Vegfest 2017


Start of the Vegfest...

Pull-up Challenge...

Inverted row contest...




Meeting folk...

Knut proposes...





We started this years Brighton Vegfest on the Friday, setting up the stall and checking out the event before the hoards descended over the weekend.

Checking out the venue we met some new friends


There were even vans entering the venue this year!


Start of the Vegfest


Saturday morning saw a sea mist floating over the city, it made travel a little more difficult


Luckily we were already set-up and ready to go as the mist made it an interesting start to the weekend


Pull-up challenge

patrik with the amazing lolly prize
Patrik holding the legendary prize of a lolly

As with previous years we had a pull-up challenge, with ladies needing to get 3 reps and guys needing to get 7 reps to get a prize. We started the challenge only the offering a prize of a lolly for everyone who succeeded


but the wonderful people at the Optibac Probiotics offered everyone who completed the challenge a 14 days free supply of probiotics!  So, thank those guys by popping over to them if you are looking for some probiotics!
I'll add in a short montage of the winners pictures below

Inverted row contest

While the pull-up challenge went on all over the weekend, Saturday was the day of our main contest.  The inverted row contest had been moved to the main hall on the upper floor.We weren't how much interest we'd get for the contest as people had to find the new venue so we ere very pleased that people took the time to come and enjoy the event.

Inverted row

Below is a mintage of the male and female contests.

Male contest

Female contest

Matilda 12 reps
Matilda got 12 reps winner the female under 16 contest

Emilo 20 reps
Emilo got 20 reps winning our male under 16 contest

Hayley 50 reps
Hayley go second place female with 50 reps

Mike Niccolo 25 reps
Mike and Niccolo shared the second spot with 25 reps

Cindy 61 reps
Cindy amazed the crowd with a winning total of 61 reps

Matt 41 reps
Matt got a fabulous 41 reps

Meeting folk

We met loads of fantastic people over the weekend

hench herbivore

The fantastic Paul Kerton (Hench Herbivore on youtube) spent most of Saturday at our stall giving out free advice and helping those trying to improve their health and fitness.


On Sunday we had Patrik Baboumian the World record holding Strongman at the stall to help give out some fantastic advice to those needing help plan their training and diets.

Knut proposes!

knut proposes

Amid the drama and excitement of the weekend, some people may have missed the infamous Knut (ex-editor of the magazine Vegan Views) proposing during the event.  Sadly, he was rejected as all he could offer was a lolly. I did suggest that maybe he would have received a better result if he actually found out her name first, but Knut felt that wasn't important. better luck next time Knut :-)



So, finally it was Sunday evening and time to pack up. This year at the Brighton Vegfest had been a great success and we had gotten to know many of the people attending a lot better than we did before.  Doing events can be surpisingly, but in the evening we went to Purezza (vegan pizza place) and a vegan beer festival (yes, they do exist!). So, by the end of the long weekend we were ready to pack up, enjoy the evening, then take a day or two to recover.

As usual it would be great if you can support our sponsors. We also have some discounts you can use if you want to save a bit of cash.  Many of them have supported us for years, so support them if you can. Inbetween I will put in pictures of contestants getting some prizes.

Veganicity - Top supplements for health & maximum performance Get 35% off using the code VEGANBODY2017

good heavens it's jeavons

Good heavens, It's Jeavons - best choccy treats available



Gorilla Gym - Experts in plant-based Training & Nutrition
Gorilla gym- online personal training plans & nutrition programmes
for those wishing to move towards plant-based eating


Viridian Vitamins
Viridian vitamins sells great supplements & sponsors of our Vegan bodybuilding competitions!


Vegan Health & fitness magazine
Vegan Health & fitness magazine - Helping you achieve your best without harming animals



Vegetology - Makers of Vitamin D3, DHA/EPA omega-3 oil, multi vitamins, and Joint pain products 15% off using code VEGANHEALTH


Exercise and nutrition books with a vegan focus


Pulsin  - Protein powders, bars and snacks


Chip butty Vegan
Without Maz there couldn't even be an event, so support him by buying his cookbook


On the day we toured the stallholders obtaining extra goodies for the entrants to enjoy:


Bodyme - protein bars
Koko - coconut products


Plamil - a totally vegan chocolate company that sells chocolate, sweets and kitchen goodies
Optibac - probiotics
Boost ball - protein balls
Perkier - natural bars
Creative nature superfoods - superfood bars
Conscious chocolate - Chocolate maker

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