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Diet & Training...


Hi, I'm Brandon. I'm 24, 5'8", currently about 160 pounds.

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Long story short, I was fat (about 210 pounds), went vegetarian a couple years ago, started getting some exercise, dropped down to about 150, started lifting weights about a year ago, bulked up a bit, and here I am. I recently made the jump and went vegan.

Brandon before

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My goals are to get leaner, put on a bit more mass, particularly in my back and legs, and get stronger. Currently, I deadlift 350, bench press 210, and overhead press 150.

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Diet & training

My diet and training have been pretty haphazard due to a lack of information, but I'm getting better. I like Clarence Bass's ( philosophy of basing my diet on whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, as this obviously fits well with a vegan diet, and losing and gaining weight slowly to prevent muscle loss and fat gain. For my training I'm sticking to heavy compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, weighted chins, weighted dips, and overhead presses. My diet is mostly lots of beans & rice, oatmeal, sandwiches (peanut butter, or hummus, on whole grain bread), tofu stir-fries, lots of fruit and vegetables, and a couple of soy-protein shakes a day.

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