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Angie (aka Valkyrie_Grrl)


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Name: Angie a.k.a. Valkyrie_Grrl
Age: 30
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Fat: 9.5% per Tanita handheld scale
Waist: 22.5 inches
Hips: 34 inches
Thigh: 18.25 inches

Current Training:

Use a periodization routine, working the full body 3 times per week. I do 3 different ab exercises, trying to do 50 reps per exercise. Otherwise training is as follows.

Week 1: 10-12 reps/3 sets/1 exercise per body part
Week 2: 6-8 reps/3 sets/1 exercise per body part
Week 3: 5-6 reps/3 sets/1 exercise per body part
Week 4: 13-15 reps/1 set/1 exercise per body part

Additionally, I do 20 minutes of light cardio on weight training days. I'm currently thinking of changing up my routine, or at least adding some new exercises, since I'm a little bored with it and have ceased to progress. I also do some specific exercises that target glutes/hamstrings because that's my big problem area.
I do 50 minutes of cardio every other day. I'm currently taking one day off a week.

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I eat about 6 times per day. Breakfast is usually soy milk with puffed cereal, 1/2 TBS. peanut butter on toast and a banana. After my workout, I have an apple or another piece of fruit and 1-2 carrots. Lunch is typically 1/2 cup of beans with 1/2 a sweet potato or a white potato or 3/4 cup brown rice. Dinner is the same type of meal but with a piece of fruit added and some cut up veggies. Then about 8 p.m., I have another piece of fruit. When I return home from work around 10:30 p.m., I have 1/2 TBS. of peanut butter in 1 cup of cooked oatmeal. When I feel like splurging, I usually make something like apple cider ice or a big huge bowl of popcorn with spices. For a special treat, I have my coffee with a 1/2 TBS. of cocoa powder for a super low cal "mocha". Watching my diet is important to me, but I'm not strictly training for anything right now, so if I want to have something, about once a week, I indulge. [Also 1 TBSP. of ground flax seeds to one meal per day & eats food fortified with B 12 ed.]

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Really, right now, my biggest goal is maintenance. I lost about 50 lbs. about 1 1/2 years ago, and I never want to be that big and out of shape again. I turned vegan for health and environmental reasons, and this has really helped me to not only eat right, but avoid some of the "pitfalls" that other people fall into after they lose weight. I don't advocate becoming vegan for this reason, but it is much easier to say no to cake when it's not vegan! Although, here in my town, we have a couple of wonderful places to get 100% vegan bakery/treat items, so I don't go without.

I would also like to try to bulk up my upper body, which is a little wimpy, and lose the weird sagginess on the one side of my rear end. Most of all, I just want to keep training hard and loving it.

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Update February 2004


I've been hitting the gym hard, and I changed my routine, since it was time.
When you can do the exercises in your sleep, you need a change!

3 exercises per body part; 3 sets per exercises; 6-8 reps per set

Day 1: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Abs

Day 2: Cardio -- 30 minutes walking, 20 minutes of stationary bike or
stairstepper, etc.

Day 3: Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves

Day 4: Same as Day 2

Day 5: Biceps, Triceps, Abs with 20 minutes of light cardio(i.e. walking)

Day 6: Same as Day 2

Day 7: Valkyrie_Grrl resteth!

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Diet remains much the same, but I have replaced my morning peanut butter
with an extra TBSP. of flax seeds, since I have been prone to immunity
problems lately and figure I can use the extra EFAs. I've also been stir
frying a lot lately, making big yummy concoctions of cabbage, broccoli,
mushrooms, corn, beans and rice with brewer's yeast and ground flax. Yummy!
It's keeping me happy in the winter. Summertime's a coming, though, and
that means enormous salads. I can't wait!

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Update Jan 2005

It's been a while since I've updated my here goes!

I entered a couple of contests on the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness website( and WON the abs contest. Hooray!!! All that hard work paid off in the form of a gift certificate, t-shirt and cool certificate, plus bragging rights and my mug featured on the site. Plus, I will get to compete for contest winner of the year. Check out some of my new photos on the site (To go see Angie's winning abs click here).

Angie's winning abs!

My diet remains pretty much the same, although I have been chowing down for the holidays. Time to train hard and lose a little bit of fat that's been put on. It's quite the time to train here in Wisconsin, since it's COLD and there is not a lot to do otherwise, as I'm not into the outdoors when it's freezing! Got to keep in shape for summer and a positive attitude says it's "just around the bend!".

My "New Year's" routine consists of a the same periodization routine, but instead of 1 exercise per body part, I'll be doing 2 exercise per body part. Plus, I'm moral support for the hubby, who's in search of the elusive 6-pack abs!!! Let's go...

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