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 Alicante Vegan Festival 2018





Female contest...

Male contest...




This was our first adventure to Alicante. So we were looking forward to seeing how veganism was developing in Spain and how that differed from the UK and the rest of Europe we had already visited.


We first went to visit our good friend Carlos Barbon, Spanish Strongman in Benidorm for a visit and a get in a little training before the event itself.
Carlos and Nathan
Carlos and Nathan guarding Benidorm at night :-)

On the Friday before the event we moved to an apartment in Alicante as on the Friday evening we attended a demonstration against animal cruelty

Vegan Bodybuilding at a demonstration

It was interesting to go on a demonstration in a different country.


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We stayed overnight in an apartment in Alicante and then the next day it was time for the Alicante Vegan Festival.

Although not the biggest event we have been to, it still had plenty going on with dancing, music and stalls.

festival 1



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Nathan Loughton did a fascinating talk (which unfortunately we didn't record) about diet and exercise. It went down really well with the audience despite having to be translated into Spanish.


For our first time in Alicante we decided to do a shoulder press contest with the men doing 15Kg and the women doing 7Kg. There was a bit of a blunder as we overloaded the male bar and it felt nearer 17Kg than 15Kg, so the guys did really well getting the reps they did. It was certainly the heaviest we have used in a contest before.

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Female contest

Male contest


We learnt a few things during our time on Spain. Siestas where a thing we constantly forgot about and missed food places and other activities because things stopped for a few hours every afternoon. The people were amazing and I recommend a visit. It may not be the easiest place to find food (outside of the festival), but the food we did discover was fantastic and worth the effort, so consider a visit next year.

I will end with a few pictures of the contest entrants getting prizes from the sponsors, so remember to support them if you can.

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