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 Vegfest Bristol 2018





Female contest...

Male contest...

Female push-up contest...

Male push-up contest...




Vegfest Bristol moved to a new venue this year, so none of us knew what to expect at the football ground. We were pleasantly surprised to have a large indoor area for the stalls and plenty of room we should really make more use of next year. 


Nathan & Karin

Nathan had a fantastic talk at the event, unfortunately I failed to record it due to being stuck on the stall, but the reports from the audience makes it clear that you should make the effort to see him speak if you can.

Patrik (the worlds strongest vegan)

This year we had 2 contests on the Saturday we had a shoulder press contest and on Sunday we had the push-up competition, we live streamed both on Instagram ( @veganstrength )

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Carlos and Paul
Strongman meets bodybuilder - Carlos and Paul

We need to support our sponsors. They allow everyone to get a prize and keep the contests fun

Veganicity - Top supplements for health & maximum performance. Get 35% off using the code VEGANBODY2018


Vegetology - Makers of Vitamin D3, DHA/EPA omega-3 oil, multi vitamins, and Joint pain products 15% off using code VEGANHEALTH

good heavens it's Jeavons
Good heavens, It's Jeavons - best choccy treats available
Gorilla gym
Gorilla gym- online personal training plans & nutrition programmes
for those wishing to move towards plant-based eating

Viridian vitamins sells great supplements & sponsors of our Vegan bodybuilding competitions!

Vegan Health and fitness Magazine
Vegan Health & fitness magazine - Helping you achieve your best without harming animals

Chip butty Vegan
Don't forget Maz, buy his book and learn to make "English food" that will fool a meat eater!

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Here are the other companies who supported us over the weekend:

Vegain meals - Food prep service
Silver Bamboo - Eco-friendly products
Ethicoco - chocolate products
Balanced nature - chocolate products
Naturally smart skincare - skin care products
Pure Recharge - smoothie mixes
Nakd - bars
Natures warehouse - Natural cleaning products
Population matters - problems with overpopulation
Equinox - new age gift and clothes shop
Turmerlicious - drinks
Hempish - everything hemp
ITL health Ltd - magnesium products
Nomad health - gluten free products
Outside the box  - cosmetics
Lush - cosmetics

Female shoulder press contest

Male shoulder press contest

Female Push-up contest

Male push-up contest

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That was just a taste of what we got up to at the event, we also had several mammoth gym sessions (with dozens of strong vegans coming along to pump some iron), as well as offering advice, fitness and health advice as well as music and fun to be had throughout the weekend. Considering this was the first time at a new venue I believe it went amazingly well and great fun was had by everyone.

I will end with people getting prizes from our sponsors. Remember support the companies and feel free to email them thanking them for supporting us, it is because of them that everyone got a prize.

The herd

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