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 Bristol Vegfest 2017


At the stall...


Shoulder press contest...

Womens contest...

Mens contest...





mushroom critter

Luckily we left for Bristol on the Friday, so we could catch an early, but not too early train to our destination and after a little over 3 and a half hours we were toddling around Bristol.  Bristol has a vibe very much like Brighton did a couple of decades ago, with a big counter culture scene, alternative arts and political graffiti scattered around the city. If I were not so settled in Brighton, then Bristol would possibly be the place the younger version of me would live?


I have to thank Alv and Paul for putting us up and once again treating us like royalty! We even had pie waiting for us when we arrived!
The best service in town I recommend everyone stay there if they get a chance :-)

At the Stall


Being clever chaps we had laid out the stall on the Friday, so we only had to turn up, take the covering sheet off and we were ready to get started.

Whereas the Friday had been baking hot, Saturday was much more cloudy, with the threat of rain,


Luckily though we, and a lot of our friends, were housed inside the marquees so rain wouldn't be the end of the world


We met our friends from freet who have a completely new range of shoes as well as minimal shoes for kids which I think is vital for growing feet (use code PeteR to get 30% off).


We also bumped into a few pirates strolling about as Bristol is well known for its smuggling past!


We were even blessed with a rainbow as the showers past and the sun broke through.

Robin S

The evening was a trip back to the 1990's with Robin S and DJ's of that era.  It was a fab evening


Nathan Loughton

Nathan Loughton did an awesome talk that helped loads of people overcome their training and diet issues. The talk was packed  and people got a load of info and advice for people of all ages, with different goals. If you needed help you got everything you needed from this talk to get your journey towards fitness and health started.

Shoulder press contest

This year we were on the stage and not in a marquee which could go well if it stayed dry, or go badly if the weather turned. The ladies used 7Kg and the guys used 15Kg, the winner did the most reps in total.

As it turned out we had around 200 people turn up for the event, it was the biggest daytime crowd of the event (see videos of the female contest for a glimpse of some of the crowd).  The rain did come down, but luckily by then the crowd was invested in finding out the winner and stayed until the end.

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Womens contest

If you notice the poorer quality of the ladies recording it was because we got rain on the camera lens and needed to do some create video editing manipulation to save the footage.

Mens contest

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Gabriella came second with a fantastic 35 reps

L. Davis managed a whopping 32 reps

Beth got first with an impressive 41 reps

Paul got a mammoth 33 reps (Paul is on the right)

We did have a slight error in counting the second place female did not get her second place prize. The prize was given to third place Alice who got 24 reps (sorry Alice)...

Alice mistakenly got 2nd place, she still got and impressive
24 reps for third place

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As well as our main sponsors here are the people who helped us out on the day

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So that was our weekend at Bristol vegfest, we also made a Ted goes to Bristol Vegfest which will be up soon on the Katonxyz you tube channel.

We journeyed home on the Monday, it was an amazing adventure and we were all very glad we had the chance to go.

Below I will include pictures of other people getting their prizes. Our next event is In Brighton, on the level 3-4 June 2017, come along and join us!

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